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Febbraio 2015

Ranking for Ultra Magic Squares of prime numbers

This is the Ranking of the “Ultra Magic Squares of prime numbers” competition: [insert_php] include_once “pmg/pmg.php”; echo pmg_db_get_classif(3); [/insert_php]

Ultra Magic Squares of prime numbers

Competition #3 This competition is organized by Макарова Наталия (Natalia Makarova) Definitions Definition 1: Magic square is called ultra magic square, if it is both associative (center symmetric) and pandiagonal. Ultra magic squares exist for orders n > 4. The Contest In the contest is required to built ultra magic squares of order 7 – […]

Result for Pandiagonal Squares of Consecutive Primes

The competiotion was termanated without inserted result and with no winner (the two values in ranking are just testing result). Remember that you can still try to find new solution for the problems (without price) and in that cases the result will be presented here. Thanks