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Result for K-Tuples of Primes

The competition K-Tuples of Primes is over. Thanks to all people that have partecipate. The winner is Jarek (see Ranking) The result is in this table: [insert_php] include_once “pmg/pmg.php”; echo pmg_db_get_result(4); [/insert_php] Here are the best solution arrived after the ending of the competition: [insert_php] echo pmg_db_get_result_extra(4); [/insert_php]

Ranking for K-Tuples of Primes

This is the Ranking of the K-Tuples of Primes competition: [insert_php] include_once “pmg/pmg.php”; echo pmg_db_get_classif(4); [/insert_php]

Primes k-tuple

Competition #4 This competition is organized by Макарова Наталия (Natalia Makarova) Definitions Definition 1: A prime k-tuple is a finite collection of values (p + a1, p + a2, p + a3, …, p + ak), where p, p + a1, p + a2, p + a3, …, p + ak are prime numbers, (a1, […]