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Result for Magic Cubes of Prime Numbers

The competition Magic Cubes of Prime Numbers is over. Thanks to all people that have partecipate. The winner is Natalia, but price goes to Dmitry The result is in this table: Task Dim. User Magic Assoc. Result 1 4 Natalia Makarova 780 0 17 7 439 317 139 487 107 47 331 59 167 223 […]

Magic Cubes of Prime Numbers

Competition #1 This competition is organized by Макарова Наталия (Natalia Makarova) Definitions Definition 1: Magic Cubes A magic cube is the 3-dimensional equivalent of a magic square, that is, a number of integers arranged in an n x n x n pattern such that the sum of the numbers on each row, each column, each […]